Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis

Yoga for M.S.

Yoga is effective in managing some of the symptoms of MS.
MS students are clear that Yoga is really doing them a lot of good.
There is no ‘one size fits all’ but adapting traditional yoga postures for MS using props and walls, to increase feedback and hence stimulating neurological pathways.

Yoga also facilitates self empowerment.
There are things we can do to develop strength, improve balance and mobility.
Yoga may not be a cure for MS but those who practice regularly are clear that it is a great benefit.

For small group practice on Zoom and for 1-to-1 classes in Streatham, South London, please contact me.

Carrie’s knowledge and wisdom are seemingly infinite and I have learned so much from her. We work on building strength and balance, as well as finding ways to relax mind and body. Her curiousity and positive approach have helped me to think about my condition with greater understanding, less fear and more hope.” – Emma.

“Some of my symptoms caused by Multiple Sclerosis over the past 8 years since practising yoga have improved. Markedly, my strength has improved and because I have more strength, I can manage my balance better. From my first class, I was able to get up off the floor, which I had previously not been able to do. Also, I had a drop foot, which could not be cured, but after practising kneeling with my toes tucked under every day, as a practice set by my teacher, the drop foot disappeared. Yoga has enabled me to keep mobile.” – Jane Ower, 67yrs.