Yoga Classes

Carrie yoga pose

Yoga builds the physical body, muscles, bone density and immunity. It sustains the energetic body, refines the sensory body and steadies the emotional body; so thoughts and focus can be clear, uncluttered and pure.

All classes are open level so all are welcome and there are modifications and alternatives.

“After Carrie’s lunchtime yoga class, I always feel refreshed, re-energised, and revitalised.
My body feels stronger, and more flexible, my mind feels lighter, and happier.
Her teaching style is gentle, calming & encouraging, with emphasis and awareness of mind, body and breath.
I always enjoy our class!”
– Ayesha

Strength ~ Flexibility ~ Focus

Yoga Gently

Yoga Gently

A yoga practice which is slower and more restful. Forging a more gentle relationship with ourselves.
Yoga Gently for the NHS
Gentle Hatha Yoga Flow

Gentle Hatha Yoga Flow

After a gentle warm up, this is a yoga practice of salutations and standing postures taken at a slower pace for a more embodied feel.
  • Mondays: 1800-1900
    East Finchley
    London N2 9EB
    In studio and online available.
Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Flow practice to relax and yet strengthen.
  • Tuesdays: 1900-2000
    On Zoom.
Vinyasa practice for all levels
Where we will apply alignment and strengthening to familiar and new postures.
  • Saturdays: 1100-1215
    On Zoom.
Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga

A slower, floor based style of Yoga - using props such as bolsters and blankets to support the body - to release deep held tensions.
Yoga Open

Yoga Open

Where yoga poses are held so the technical aspect of the asana can be observed and experienced.
Open for all, with options depending on the level of experience and flexibility.
A vitalising class to leave you stronger and open.

Cost & Booking

£8.00 – for a drop-in class.
£16.00 – for a week pass.
Monthly passes: £60.00 including the Restorative practice.
For classes held via, and, please book via the respective websites.
For all other classes, please email for bookings and to receive Zoom links, etc.

“My classes with Carrie are a lifeline! She is not only a great teacher but also creates a fantastic atmosphere which benefits us all!” – Louisa

“She brings such wisdom and knowledge of both the practice and the human body, that I leave every class having learnt something new.” – Rachel

“Her focus on breathwork has enabled me to better manage panic attacks and to tackle stressful situations from a position of calm. Carrie’s approach is one of curious exploration – considered, mindful and designed so that yogis of all abilities can enjoy their yoga journey in a welcoming and non-judgemental atmosphere. – Sam

“Carrie is an inspirational teacher. Her knowledge and experience means she leads us through yoga sequences safely and effectively and I’ve been able to achieve positions I never would have thought possible with my rheumatoid arthritis. I have gained flexibility, fitness and strength but the classes are also a moment of calm and an opportunity to restore inner strength and peace.” – Sara-Jane

“Yoga practice guided by Carrie has been my legs’ saving grace. As a runner, I put my body under enormous stress trying to better my race times on track, road and trail. I’m a woman in late middle age, so I have to be as mindful of recovery and repair as I am of maximum effort when training. Yoga helps that recovery and addresses the inflammation and stiffness my running inflicts on my muscles, tendons and joints. For that, I am supremely grateful. Thank you, Carrie, for leading by example.” – Ronnie