Welcome to Carrie Yoga

Here you will find information about my Hatha Yoga classes in London for beginners and intermediate levels.

The right Yoga for you should be accessible, achievable and enjoyable.
Finding comfort in the practice and developing a kindness and compassion for our selves is at the heart of my yoga teaching.

Yoga is about becoming the best version of yourself, so don’t allow yourself the excuse “I can’t do the splits, or put my forehead to my shin”. Most of us can’t!

I start my Yoga classes by warming the body, finding movement through the spine and incorporating core strength work; then standing postures – supported with the breath to calm the mind – and stretching the body. The final section of the class will take a steadier pace. Using twists, inversions and forward bends to find stability and a calm and easy energy. Especially useful if it is an evening class so we can all have a glorious night’s sleep.

I came to Yoga as I needed to find some way of improving my chronic back pain and asthma. And a regular Yoga practice has made a very great difference to my health and the quality of my life.
My principal training has been at triyoga (where I gained a distinction) and Advanced Teacher Training with Jason Crandell, with influences from other teachers.
Yoga as a science and as an art fascinates me. How we move and how we can improve our movement. How we breathe and how good breath patterns can alter our mental state, reduce stress and blood pressure and improve our sleep. How we manage our mental energy and how this ‘yoking’ of body, breath and mind can give us a steadier and more ordered and creative mental playing field.

“Carrie’s patience and dedication has not only meant I have improved physically but also mentally. Her Yoga will leave you not only exercised discovering muscles you didn’t even know existed, but also a better person. It is a privilege to attend her classes.” – Helen